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BC Pulse Data

Data is central to all phases of continuous learning, collective problem solving, root cause analysis, sense‐making, experimentation, & collective strategy development.

BC Pulse is working to assist the community to use data, ranging from residents' lived experiences through evaluation findings and secondary data, to inform action-learning conversations, local decisions, and future programming efforts.

Pulse Surveys take the “pulse” of communities. They are intended to rapidly assess process and outcome indicators in a community on a much shorter timeline than a typical evaluation process.

  • Data is collected on a regular basis, usually every few months, in order to see change occurring over time.
  • Data goes directly back into the community, in a form that is useful to the community and funders.

The Pulse Survey process is adapted from the Moving the Dot Survey, developed by UCLA and the Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities. Review the Data by Clicking the following links: